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Aspects you will need to look at while buying a trolley

When you are considering buying a trolley several aspects come into mind. Whether or not you have bought a trolley before does not matter as you might miss out on some of these points while buying one.

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We will have a look into the various aspects of the trolley parts and how they can help you to ensure operational efficiency in your workplace.

The load-bearing capacity of the trolley

The load-bearing capacity of the trolley is by far one of the most crucial aspects of buying a trolley. You need to check that the load-bearing capacity of the trolley is high enough such that you can safely carry items within the work premises. You see depending on the type of load to carry the load bed or the load platform of the trolleys is placed at different areas.

If you see the platform trolleys then the load bed is placed much lower, while if the other types of trolleys will have the load bed much higher up the handle or the structure.

The ideal placement of the load bed will have bearing on the entire structural weight and the load it can carry. This is why the industrial platform trolleys can carry much weight while office trolleys or multi-tier trolleys won’t have such a high weight capacity.

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Material of manufacture

The material of manufacture of some trolleys such as industrial platform trolleys is made out of structurally reinforced steel. But this can be different too such as aluminum for catering and cleaning trolleys or even high-grade plastic for office trolleys.

Find the right material of manufacture and model type entirely based on what load weight you want to carry.

Generally, if the items of load are bulkier and high in weight then you know that their structure needs to be made from steel while having medium or lightweight can mean they are ideal for carrying lightweight to medium-weight objects.

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Safety features

Having safety features within a trolley is one of the critical parameters to consider. The most important reason you will want to have safety features is for ensuring the safety of your employees and workers and the other obvious reason for this will be to ensure that you can keep up to the standards and operational requirements within your industry.


Having brakes is a feature on some of the bulky-weight items carrying trolleys. When you want to park the trolleys just push the brakes controlled manually.

Safety straps

Having safety straps wrapped around the weight of the loaded object also adds to the safety of the trolleys. This might be needed especially when if the sides of the platform bed are open. Check out trolleys with safety straps on Team Systems.

Pneumatic wheels

The trolleys that have puncture-proof pneumatic wheels are some of the best for extensive use of industrial trolleys. These are made of special graded vulcanized rubber that does not collapse easily even while carrying some of the bulky load objects.

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Foldable racks and shelves

The use of foldable racks and shelves might come in handy especially in some cases when you have to carry several medium to small load objects and other items.