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Features of an order picking trolley and the advantages it brings forth with it

When it comes to buying an order picking trolley we always love to check out its features. If you are not someone who knows exactly what to look at while buying an industrial trolley you need to check out a few things before you buy it.

This will help you to buy the right industrial equipment as well and ensuring that you reach maximum operational efficiency.

Sturdy construction and design

Sturdy construction design is one of the most important features to look for. Whatever is the material of build for your trolley it does not matter. Whether it is made of nonmetal substances like fiber or plastic or whether it is made of galvanized aluminum or stainless steel ensuring structural integrity will always help.

With strong outlay and design, you can find increased weight-bearing capacity and increased durability of the trolleys. They can outlast even in extreme weather conditions while also having a significantly higher weight transporting capacity.


Being corrosion-resistant in design can help you in having a trolley with enhanced durability. When your trolleys are free of corrosion then you will need less servicing and maintenance for your trolleys too.

Over the years corrosion may also decline the structural strength and sturdiness of an Industrial Order Picking Trolleys. Setting up of carrion has to be closely watched up if your trolleys are made of metals.

Even though you can say that having a corrosion-proof layer such as an electroplated or galvanized layer but still extensive use for years will set up corrosion eventually.

You need to ensure that your order picking trolley goes into servicing and maintenance every few years to avoid losing its structural integrity in design and risking the chances of accidents and injuries.

Enhanced weight-bearing capacity

An order picking trolley is available in different weight-bearing and weight transporting capacities. You need to ensure that the trolleys are having the right certification label from the end of the manufacturer. This will ensure that one of the most important parts of the load bed does not break, bulge, crack or dent under extreme pressure over years of use.

Having an enhanced weight-bearing capacity always helps you in your industrial premises such that you can always carry a few hundred kilos of load or goods because you know that your trolley is capable of supporting the extra weight. We recommend that you buy a trolley that has a higher weight-loading capacity than the threshold or the maximum weight used up in line with your industry.

Pneumatic puncture-proof wheels

Wheels are also an important part of the order picking trolley as tires are responsible for holding the weight of the entire trolley including the load platform and the goods and items kept on top of it.

For this, you can ask the manufacturer to have special pneumatic puncture-proof wheels that have significantlyfewer risks of a puncture even when being pushed along jagged or uneven surfaces.

A pneumatic puncture-proof wheel will also ensure that you have less risk of accidents and collisions with greater maneuverability across tight corners and closed alleys in the industrial area.


So having read the article we think that now you have an idea of what it takes for you to buy an order picking trolley and the features you need to look at.